Stone Age Rocks !

Stone-Age Rocks !

~the Stone Giants ~

Stones come to Life! Prehistory is resurrected…

Two imposing rock formations are subtly making contact with the human world. Although they are grand and impressive, the interaction with the audience is playful and friendly. This surreal scene, performed in slow motion, is a unique combination of sculpture and stilt walking-theatre: a fascinating spectacle!

Stone-Age is a perfect Festival Act : This unique stilt-walking act appeals to a broad audience and is very successful at street festivals, pop festivals, dance festivals, concerts, art fairs and parades.

In addition, Stone-Age may very well be used as a welcome-act at festivals, corporate events and theme parks. As a duo, our actors can form a stone gate: an impressive entrance and superb photo moment for your guests!

Our players are very experienced and pleasant to work with. Stone-Age is built to last and able to handle a wild atmosphere like no other. Even during changing weather conditions we continue playing! The Stone-Age costumes are waterproof and the type of stilts we use can withstand almost any surface. This makes Stone-Age extremely suitable for pop festivals.

Stone-Age is usually booked as a duo, but can also be carried out by four players, which of course makes everything even more impressive!

For this act, we work with a supervisor who lends a hand with putting on the costumes (10 minutes before each set) and keeps an eye out during performances. We can bring our own supervisor or your organization can arrange for one to be available (which reduces the overall price)