This is a living statue of an Orangutan; an impressive appearance. It is a bit exciting to get close, but it has a friendly character. Maybe he just wants to flea you.

Orangutan is a wonderful ape that brings magic in the air

This living statue plays with a money jar , which is part of the act. Proceeds go to the artist.

Prize for a performance by  Orangutan,performed by Krist Doo, Dutch master who is one of the world’s top living statues.

2 x 90 or 3 x 60 minutes within a 4-hour daypart: €625

Extra playing time per hour : €150,-                                                                (Up to a total of 6 hours of playing time a day !!!)

excluding 9% VAT / excluding travel costs €0.45 p/km from Oss (Netherlands) v.v.

-Fee for Travel Days € 250 per person / per day
-All prices are excluding Hotels / Transfers / Flights / Cargo

Orangutan won the following prizes:

  • Audience Award: Orangutan , Het beste van Borne, Borne (NL) 2019
  • Audience Award: Orangutan , Living Statues Oosterhout (NL) 2019
  • Audience Award: Orangutan , Wijchen staat Stil Open Dutch Championship, Wijchen (NL) 2022

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